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Posts from the ‘NSN Session 1’ Category

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S1E7 on August 26th, 2011

    The Session Finale as the Heroes of Sundabar try to get into the Tower so that they may finish of the Snipers. Little do they realize that the Tower hold more than just victory.

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S1E6 on August 26th, 2011

    Gaining entrance into Astraternese is a constant battle as the fight continues, now with Snipers and a Drakerider. There seems to be little rest for the Adventurers this Session.

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S1E5 on August 26th, 2011

    Continuing into the ruins of Astraternese, the group meets up with Brigs the Brigand… wait… did he just say that? Somehow this sounds like an ambush.

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S1E4 on August 26th, 2011

    With the Guardians numbers dwindling, the Adventurers have almost secured victory. Will this be it, or will more of the Undead horde come to assist?

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S1E3 on August 26th, 2011

    The battle continues to gain entry into Astraternese, as the party continues to be surrounded by Undead minions. Zombies, Specters and Ghosts, oh my!

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S1E2 on August 26th, 2011

    The Heroes of Sundabar learn that Astraternese has a mysterious new Steward, Bajik. In order to enter, though, they must fight their way through its otherworldly Guardians.

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S1E1 on August 26th, 2011

    Reaching the top of Morningfall Summit, the group finds something they were not expecting: The lost Dragonborn Citadel of Astraternese, the “City of Flying Stone”.