Author: Damian R. Broccoli

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S2E7

    The Session Finale as the Champions of Elkridge once again speak to the Harpers and are warned of Merric’s gemstone. After further time in the City, they decide to head into caverns in search of Gauntlgrym.

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S2E6

    The new Champions of Elkridge continue their journey into Neverwinter, stopping at the Dirty Dwarf Inn. Adrik’s interests are piqued as a unique metal box is anted in a game of dice.

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S2E5

    The spoils of battle are split up within the group, and Finrix attempts to train his Drake… with… interesting results. Returning triumphantly to Elkridge, the Heroes collect their fame and rewards.

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S2E4

    With Bajik’s forces nearly defeated, the Heroes of Sundabar work to easily clear up the rest. We also learn about Jim’s childhood, perhaps a little too much.

  • Never Say Neverwinter – S2E3

    After scouting the upper levels, Listos returns and enters the fray with the Drake that Finrix befriended outside Elkridge. Now with two additional Allies, it looks like the reign of Bajik will be over soon.