Never Say Neverwinter

Our Story So Far:
Brought together through various means but one goal, our Adventurers originally looked to assist in the defense of Sundabar from the mysterious resurgence of the Red Hand.  Other than general destruction, the Red Hand had kidnapped various townspeople as well as stolen historic artifacts.  Tracking this threat to the Tombs of Xammux, the group began to work their way through the Goblin and trap infested catacombs.

After surviving the Tombs of Xammux, our band of adventurers enjoyed a new status among the people of Sundabar. Unfortunately the celebrations did not last long as they were visited by various factions, including followers of Bane and the Harpers.  They were encouraged to leave the town they had just saved, as their presence would not only endanger themselves but others.  In these talks, the group also learned that Merric possessed a gemstone that was both a curse as it was a boon, created by the Deck of Many Things.

Deciding upon Neverwinter as the next destination, the Heroes of Sundabar met up with a small caravan headed towards Elkridge, a small settlement that was not on the map. Elkridge had recently come under siege by “dragons”, and after negotiating some event sponsorship, the group headed to save the way.  After defeating Drakes, redirecting adventurous children, and earning the townspeople’s trust; the group heads up Morningfall Summit in hopes to end the threat to Elkridge.

(Podcast Session 1) On the Summit, the group is greeted with something they never expected, a long lost floating Citadel of the Dragonborn.  Now in ruins, the Citadel has recently been occupied by a member of Dragonborn Royalty named Bajik, who has nothing but hostilities for outsiders.  After fighting their way through Guardian Spirits, brigands and assassins, the group discovers some important documents.  With proof in hand, they head deeper to confront the false Noble, and reclaim what is rightfully Finrix’s.

Continued in Podcast Session 2!

The Players:
Jason Blessing as Adrik Kirdan, the Dwarf fighter who started working as a mercenary after his clan home was destroyed.  Despite this that doesn’t mean he has zero morals despite what the party hobbit might think.  He is also the proud owner of a Rape Drake(tm) that drags around our goblin hostages. He plans on opening a circus after he captures enough crazy stuff. Can Adrik make a name for himself in this world, and bring glory to his ancestors?

Damian R. Broccoli as Merric, the Halfling Rogue. A once fugitive, Merric has discovered murals in the tombs of Xammux that depict Bane-worshippers bearing purple crystals like the one he found on his dead mother. It’s a clue, but is it enough to find his mother’s killer? Does he even care?

Jamie Hulse as Finrix Celelux of Clan Ember-Heart, the Dragonborn Sorcerer is on a quest to recover the history of the lost empire of the dragonborn. He bears the mark of the Dragon Lords, signifying him as descended from the lordly clans of Arkosia. Can he renew the forgotten glory of the dragonborn race?

Jeff Loften as Listos, the Druid. Quiet and usually in the rear of the group, Listos prefers to have his animal minions do most of the dirty work.  Luckily for the group, he has some skills in healing when the party gets in more trouble than they expected.

Jim Fairhurst as Thud of Clan Ember-Heart, the Dragonborn Fighter and bodyguard to his Cousin, Finrix.  We don’t know if Thud has any agenda other than making sure Finrix lives.

Former Players:
Joseph Weaver as Eastuth, the Shardmind Force Mage who is not much on personality. He would describe himself as “logical”. Eastuth is under compulsion to create a new living gate. His relationship with the party is symbiotic, and for now it is the most logical option. The energies of magic are strong in the North. Will he find a power source and the secret knowledge required to re-construct the living gate?